Black and White Keys


Black and White Keys is pleased to present a Winter Afternoon Concert this year on

Sunday 30th June

Entrance is $5 individual or $20 for families. Afternoon Tea will be provided after the concert. To book your seat, please contact Marion here.

Important Dates:


June 7th 2013 – Closing Date for August Written Examination Registration
June 14th 2013 – Closing Date for all Music Diploma Exam Registration (LMus A, LTMusA, FMusA, AMusA, ATMusA)
July 26th 2013 – Closing Date for all End of Year Practical Examinations (Pianoforte, Piano for Leisure and Contemporary Popular Music)


August 20th 2013 – Musicianship (aural) Examinations
August 21st 2013 – Musicianship and Theory of Music Examinations
September – October 2013 – Music Diploma Examination Period
October 19th – 7th December 2013 – End of Year Examination Period Contemporary Popular Music Practical
November 9th – December 13th 2013 – End of Year Examination Period Pianoforte & Piano for Leisure